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Ed Caffrey has a good article on that on his website. I think it's sorry, cant really do the link thing, I'm on my phone


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I checked ED's web site and did not see anything , I'm hoping he chime's in.
It might be hidden in the articles section or something... I've only ever been on his site on my phone, and I do remember that it's not vrry "mobile friendly "


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Just saw this thread! Here's a direct link to the page about building a pyrometer: I have one in each of my 3 forges. The thermocouple listed on the webpage works well for a general purpose forge.

For a welding forge, I would recommend this thermocouple: The thermocouple I listed on the webpage is rated at a lower temp, and if used constantly at welding temps, it will burn out within a few months. This one last MUCH longer (but its a bit more expensive) :)

On my home page, there is a drop down list of links, a green box that says "Links to entire Website". Click on that and scroll down, the link to the pyrometer page is near the bottom.
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