Question - used motor power supply

Eddie Mullins

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I have been trying to decide if I want to build or buy a belt sander/grinder. I'm just on my 3rd knife, so not sure just where this is gonna go yet and I am on a budget. I'm looking to do a direct drive or step pulley if I do a build to keep costs down.

I found this used 1 1/2 hp, 1725 rpm motor today for only $20 at a local flea market, but I think I would have to have 3 phase power for it so didn't get it.

I'm no electrician so was hoping for some help. I took a cell phone shot of the plate, not the best but hopefully legible. Can I use a 220 supply or would I have to buy a converter / vfd ?

motor 7-9-13.jpg


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Yes you need 3 phase or a VFD that uses single phase 220 to make 3 phase. "House hold" 220 will not work with that motor.

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You would have to use a VFD for that.
You would also need to use 220v like from you electric dryer power or electric stove. The VFD will convert your household 1phase to 3 phase for that motor and control the speed.

Wayne Coe

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Actually you can use the household 115v single phase into the VFD which outputs 230v 3 phase to the motor. You should see the motor run or take a chance on paying $20.00 for a boat anchor. You also need to make sure to get a TEFC motor (totally enclosed fan cooled). I sell the VFD you need for $448.00. Used 3 phase motors are pretty common at good prices because not many people have access to 3 phase power. If you are wanting to build a grinder on a budget get the No Weld Grinder Plans from


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Note: I said House hold 220 will not work with that motor and it will not. He must get a VFD or phase converter to make the necessary 3 phase. I run a 5 different of VFDs and love them. But, the motor is usually the cheap part. Great way to control, grinders, mills, band saws, and drill press speeds.