Raffle help.

Jeff Pearce

I helped start knife dogs at one time I ran all the raffles and helped many knife makers pay there medical bills or rebuild after shop fires we sent kids to Washington, D.C. I might need some help since my home burnt to the ground and we lost everything. I have no income. I have several knife makers donating knives. Thanks for taking time to listen.


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I know nothing about setting up or how to start a raffle but if I can help let me know I can't imagine how stressful this has got to be for you and your family.


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Perfect. I just sent the boss a pm about this. I was wondering how to set one up. I want to set up a raffle or auction...which ever will raise the most. I would like to sell this one and have the check written out to you Jeff. It may not be much but I would be happy to help.
Derek Lee

Jeff Pearce

I have received a few knives and edc tools , leather saps and more I will be posting up for auction so I can pay my bills. any other donation would be much appreciated ..


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I don't have any knives available currently but I do a brass Gorget inlaid with a nickel silver cross and a horseshoe wall hook I can donate if you're interested and still taking items. let me know.
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Are items still needed for auctions/raffles? If so I have a knife or two that I would be more than glad to auction or raffle off with the proceeds going to you to help. If someone could help me set something up, I would be grateful to be able to help. Thanks

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