Red Feather

Wade Hougham

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This hawk has a 19" oak haft made from a Home Depot 2"x2". The 8 1/2" head is hand forged from a Bush Hog blade. There are feathers a raw hide wrap grip and sinew on the haft.
As always any and all comments are welcome.


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Church & Son

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Mr. Houghham, very nice, aren't they fun to make? That's some good looking rawhide and I love to use Oak. It has so much character. Have you tried "torching and scraping " Oak? It really brings out the color. Again, very nice......Randy
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Wade Hougham

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Thank you all for the comments.
Randy, no more Mr. Hougham, PLEASE, I perfer Wade. Thanks for the tip on torching and scraping. I do enjoy making these hawks and learning new tricks.
Thanks for the reply and I am looking forward to seeing your next project. Take care. Wade