Revolutionary War Fighter?

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    Lots of hours in this one. This incredable blade is Feather Damascus made of over 30,000 layers, that's right, over 30,000 layers of 1095 and 15N20 made by Jin Blauvelt of Taftville, CT. The handle and the display stand are made of Wych Elm Burl from my friend Jonathan Leech in Scotland and the Butt Cap is made of African Blackwood. The Guard is “Blued” 1095 steel with a Bronze “coined” spacer (thanks John) and the pin is Carbon Fiber. The blade is 5 1/5” long by 1” tall. The handle, including the guard is 5 1/4”.

    I'm not sure what kind of a knife it is – a Fighter I guess. Looks kinda Revolutionary War era to me but with a contemporary bent. What do you think? You can also see a WIP chronology on this knife on Instagram at WhammondCustomKnives.

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  2. KenH

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    Impressive!! I love that feather Damascus! Great touch making the display stand from same burl as the handle. That is something I would be proud to display in my home.

    Ken H>
  3. JawJacker

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    Very nice, love that handle.
  4. Rick Otts

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    As usual another outstanding job!
  5. BrandantR

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    That's a beautiful knife! I love the feather Damascus and that stand is a very nice touch. Nicely done.

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