Royal Impala

Raymond Richard

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This knife was a royal pain. First time using a piece of impala horn. The blade was part of another knife I assembled at least 15 years ago. It just didn't look right in the configuration it was in before and there were times I wish I had left it alone. The older I get I find if I take to long a break from knife making the longer it takes me to remember how to do things so most my time was spent relearning what I had forgotten.

I can't remember what steel was used for the blade but I recall using 1060 or 1065 back about that time. The blade is 7 1/2" and the over all knife is just over 12". The guard is wagon wheel wrought iron and the butt is mild steel. Now to see if I remember how to attach a photo.



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That’s really nice!! I have some sheep horn scales in my material drawer that I’ll get around to eventually but that’s totally different than a hidden tang Impala. I wouldn’t even know where to start. Great job!

Von Gruff

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as I said elsewhere but it bears repeating...
i have an order for three of my light hunters with impala horn (it will turn up in a month or two I believe) so I was really interested in seeing what you have done with this one. I had intended to do full tang but your stick tang gives the horn its full visual and handling impact.
Your interpretation of a horn handled knife is really inspirational.
Looks good.
When you going to use that Musk Ox horn I gave you ?
Send me an email your old address does not work.

Raymond Richard

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Thanks for the kind words.

Working with the impala horn depends so much on the shape and size of the horn itself. Every knife I have made for the last 20 years has been through tangs. Not even sure I could do a full tang knife anymore.

Cal, I did try cutting a piece of the musk ox horn but didn't have much luck with it. Been thinking of trying to stack smaller pieces of it to make a handle. Hope your doing well.