Rules? Future raffles

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Bill Coye

Knife Maker
If for some reason you want to run your raffle another way other than stated below in the rules, approach some one on the raffle mod team and ask first. None of this is set in stone and we're going to add/delete/change as we continue to grow. The rules were written based on time-tested formulas from other forums.

When money is involved some people get uptight.

The rules are set up to avoid anyone getting uptight.

When we see things happening that are outside of the rules, then we get uptight.

We've been asked to moderate this area of Knife Dogs and we intend to do so.

This is supposed to be fun.

This isn't a paid job.

No one wants to be the bad guy and chase people around waving "The Rules". Frankly, it's a hassle.

We can't have raffles without interested parties, both sellers and buyers.

The Rules

Following the rules = hassle-free raffle.
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