Sanding sticks


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Hey Ed just wanted to let you know that over Christmas I bought the 3 pack of Tim's/ your sanding sticks. I gave 2 as gifts to knife maker buddies of mine and kept one for myself. I love the thing! Just finished the first blade sanded with it! While hand sanding is still not one of my favorite things on knife making to do this little gem helped quite a bit!! Hope things are going better for you. Prayers and thoughts your way!


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Awesome! Glad their working for ya! I did manage to wear one of the early ones out.....but since then Tim has changed the material type, and since I've no had any issues, nor hear of anyone else having any.

I'm still struggling along, hoping and praying that one of these Docs will hit upon something that allows me to regain some semblance of normal. Have my first rheumatology appointment next week....those are the folks who are suppose to be the "experts" with autoimmune stuff..... we'll see.

Thanks for your supports and prayers!
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