Sandvic steel


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I picked this up on a jobsite today where we're putting in a natural gas fueling station.
I'm not personally involved in piping this system but when I saw the roll mark on the pipe I got interested, I'm going to see what I can find out about this tomorrow. I believe this pipe is carrying somewhere around 4000 psi.

it's roll marked Sandvic and it was made in the USA in June of this year. I didn't know sandvic had a plant in the U.S.
apparently they have one in Scranton Pa.



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A couple years ago, Sandvik purchase several out of business steel locations, and some that were still in business, across the U.S. A location that I used to use for 4140 was purchased by Sandvik...... and they jacked the price or 4140 so high, that I was forced to seek a new was that or charge $300+ for a forging hammer. :rolleyes:

316L is a non hardening stainless, the "L" indicates that lead has been added for machinability.


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Yea Ed I was kind of surprised to see it was 316.
It would be nice if they made some of their blade steel here. I used some 12C27 until Admiral ran out, when I asked them if they would be getting more they said they didn't see it happening anytime soon. they said sandvik required an order larger than they were willing to commit too.