Show us your japanese blades

Discussion in 'Asian Edge' started by bubba-san, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Does this count?
    Konosuke fujiyama 240mm gyuto

  2. bubba-san

    bubba-san Well-Known Member

    You bet it does , what a nice Hocho Knife , He even signed the Saya. beautiful Steel....
  3. etorix

    etorix Member

    allegedly 60-yr-old Henkotsu kamisori i just scored on da bay
    not in MY hand yet .. hope its not too wore out when it gets here
  4. ScottGoodman

    ScottGoodman New Member

    tanto hamon b.jpg

    Still a ways to go...
  5. Henry12

    Henry12 New Member

    Wow. I might replace my baseball bat with swords now ^_^

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