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I dont know JACK about razors , other than they are sharp.......and cool.
I see the pro's like Harner and Lewis say its an "8/9" or a "6/8" ???
What does that mean?
What about the grinds , how many different grinds are there?( I saw one on Lewis's site that was only ground on one side , very cool )
Advantages and dis advantages of each please.

Thanks from a Newb

Edit: Ok I found this link
Tons of great info
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Dwayne im kinda new to making razors and have been making and reconditioning and rescaling razors a little over a year . Ill ansewr a few of the easier questions. Henckles made a chart around the turn of the last century and if my memory serves me right there are about 20 different level of grinds . They start at a 1 wedge and go up to extra full hollow grind like . I have a have a couple extra hollow but not extra full hollow. These grinds can only be done on a specific machine strictly built for razors. They cost alot to have one built like about 5 grand for a cheap one . Most makers that grind use a 3 or 4 inch wheel to grind off and a wedge can be done off a 10 but is like a flat grind even though most knife makers would say its a hollow ground . By the henckles chart it would be a #1 wedge . 4/8 5/8 6/8 7/8 8/8 and 9/8 all refer to the width of the working or cutting edge of the razor being 6/8 ths of a inch. I try to start out a little wider but they all end up1 or 2 /8th s off what after sharpening and truing things up . I go all out on my razors doing about 6 or 8 hours of file decoration per razor. Grinding takes about 2 hours and the rest is just polishing and sharpening. Sharpening is the hardest part of razor finishing because the blades are more delicate thus need lest pressure and can take from 1 hour to 4 hours to sharpen . I have inproved on my time in sharpening some what since I started and can do a refurbished one in 45 min to 1 hour . But for one I made 2 hours I have a couple tricks that cut out 2 hours of honing and I can divuldge this secret lol. Aperson can sharpen a knife to shave hair but to shave hair on your face is a differnt thing all together. I played around with this and got several of my personal skinning knives to shave my lathered up face a few times . Its a little funny I should do a video with a machette to shave with. lmao. I really like using fancy materials for razors . I have abolonie / mother of pearl for inlays and a bunch of mamoth ivory for inlay. I do like ebony iron wood and the best is honey ox horn and black ox horn and black streaked .Horn is excellent to work with it doesnt drill the best because it can splinter at the excit hole quiet often. I will try a new approach next time.As for difficut to make ide say ya really hard but its the best challenge ive taken on and when I was done my first razor my knives were better the hollow grinding was way deeper and more even and showed . If you are going to make a few the best place to buy horn is mase craft .com I have bought horn from 4 other sites and they have the best shipping service and contantly throw in an extra surprice that is always a pleasure to get . I think last time I got 2 sets of scales for razors free new snake skin texture and a red pearl . The owner is awesome to talk with I buy the large scales and he will even split them for you for free. say they are 1 1/2 w x 6L and 1/2 thick he will split them into 1/4 inch and they work great for razors and very little waste. Finding pins and washers were my hardest thing I had to do a place called Micro fastners .com they have everything and dirt cheap . I buy all my washers there. stainless and brass 2 sizes . Here are the order numbers they are #0 stainless flatt washer FWS00 FWB0 brass#0 .the next are the wide washers order number is FWBW0 . They are like 4.00 per hundred and the smaller one is 2.20 AND STAINLEES ARE 2.20 as well . phone 1 800 892 6917 good place to deal at micro fasners then get 1/16 nickle silver and 1/16 brass pin stock and your set . There is a guy in germany that sells custom cats eye and bulls eye washers and they are by far the best ive seen I ll do my next razor with a set and show you . You can also buy pivot pins from tracey mickley dirt cheap here at his web site and the pin stock . buy at least 300 washers of each cuzz you ruin alot at first and loose alot too they are small . Make sure you keep your razors oiled as they are tool steel . I wax mine but same idea it works better renisaunce wax is the best ever. Ok im done for now cuzz im falling asleep hope I helped you a little. kellyw P.S. .Ide stay away from &%# they ban me for saying im a knifemaker and will be selling razors in the future . Only the moderators and owners over there are allowed to sell and speak freely.
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It is just tradition to talk of straight razor blade widths in 1/8s of an inch. That is the way they were referenced in old catalogs. So a 3/4 blade is really a 6/8s. It is normal to round down so a 9/16s blade would be called a 5/8s.

I think the difference in grinds is a personal preference they will all shave you well. A thick wedge grind is heavy and does not give a lot of feed back when you shave with it. A full hollow is a lighter and gives you more feedback when shaving you can hear it as it cuts the whiskers. Sometimes wedges especially worn old wedges can be a bear to hone. I like having razors with all kinds of grinds, I do not really prefer one type over the other.

As for the Straight Razor Place I must say that I have been a member for years and never experienced any grief.



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I like the extra full hollow for shaving they seem to bite deeper. I normally only make one pass in a hurry and 2 if im just checking a newly honed razor. Iwill say this sharpening a razor isnt easy it takes alot of time and if the grind is off it could take 4 or 5 hours just to sharpen one razor. Heat treat is really important I do a temper at 410, 2 times with 1084 steel and seems to come out at 58 or 59 usually the lower of the 2 . I spent to much time making them fancy My next few will be very plain by my standards . Later kellyw