Stag and Copper hidden tang

Steven Janik

1095 and 15N20 Damascus originally cut out to be a full tang, I did some file work on the tang and hated it and threw it aside for about 2 months.

Finally decided to salvage it and make it a hidden tank so I ground the tang down, split the end of a 1/4-20 bolt and pinned it thru the tang to hold the handle on.

I made a guard out of .55 thick copper bar, drilled out a piece of stag that I got from Tracy. (check out the stag on his site).

Counterbored the butt end of the stag to accept a flat washer and nylock nut. Had to go a little deeper than this to get the threads to seat in the nylon ring.

The guard is final shaped and the stag is close to fitting but a little oversize. I fill the handle with T88 epoxy, crank down the nylock nut on the aligned handle and glue a buffalo horn piece for the pommel or butt cap.

Shaped, sanded and polished the pommel, final fitted the stag to the back of the guard, polished the guard and put a coat of paste wax and a light buff on the stag.

Not sure if you can see it but the guard is pinned with a .125 diameter mosaic pin. The sheath is something I had in stock, nothing special and this piece has a new owner who will get a custom sheath made.

Thanks for looking,

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Great looking knife Steve. I like the copper guard between the stag and damascus, nice combo. Boss has some nice stag!


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Steve great looking knife, man hope you didn't throw mine in the closet lol, were you get guard material that thick? man i love this 1 and to think you were going to scrap great save!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!