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I have been making knives for about two years. I started out forging them and then a customer wanted stainless, so I started making some knives by stock removal. I bought a name stamp in the beginning and have been using it on all of my knives. I was told that I am misrepresenting my knives when I stamp a blade made by stock removal. The list of tools and supplies seem endless and an etching machine is on my list. So I would like to know if I should stop stamping stock removal blades.


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In some peoples' minds the expectation is that stock removal blades be etched, and forged blades be stamped. However, I simply can't see a stamped stock removal blade as any sort of misrepresentation. I know many makers who are exclusively stock removal that stamp their blades.

I'm getting ready to build a series of SS knives, and because I forge the majority of my work, plan to etch the SS blades simply to differentiate between my forged and stock removal knives. Now if I were stamping those SS blades with my MS stamp, I could see where that could be considered a misrepresentation, but stamping them with my name/logo?? NOT!


If you like stamping then do it. Or as Ed stated etch for stock removal. this is something you have to decide. I like both IMO they both work.

mike miller

I etch mine but feel it is not correct sometimes especially when I use it on damascus. I have several stock removal friends that stamp their blades because they feel it is more permanent . I say do whatever you feel comfortable with and what looks good to you. I do feel also that I hate big old etched names that take up half a blade . Looks gaudy to me.
I was told that I am misrepresenting my knives when I stamp a blade made by stock removal.
I am wondering if the person that told you this meant to say "stock removal blades that are sold by the knife supply houses, already shaped, ground and hardened"

I see nothing wrong with stamping or etching a stock removal blade made by you with your name. Either is acceptable.

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I am trying to see the rule for etched for stock removal. Randall Knives are stock removal knives. They are stamped.
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Al P

Show me the rulebook. There are no rules.

The maker decides how he marks his work.

Steven Kelly

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I stamp all my forged and stock removal carbon steel blades.. The forged blades get my J.S. stamp the stock removal do not. I etch all of my SS blades..
My only reason for this is so that I can differentiate between my knives....