Sucker for CL


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Cheap enough why not try a piece or 2 see if it will do what you want? Unless of course its a long ride to get there?


I find that as I get older...dragging stuff home that I do not have a specific use for is counter's time and energy to make space for it, move it when I clean (which is not too often...prolly cause of all the "finds" I have carted and then dream up ideas to prove to myself that I didn't waste a bunch of time and energy no matter how cheap it was...well, you see where I'm going


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Interesting find. Is there any large enough to be suitable for a post anvil (if you happen to need one)?


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I've used them at work, there threading dies for pipe. probably made by Ridgid.
they are good steel, it takes a lot of threading before they dull but I have no idea what there made of.
personally, unless I had a forge and power hammer I'd pass on them.
maybe Ed or another smith here will have a better answer.

Motor City Mike

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Yes sir, well said.

I've often wondered about the wisdom of using mystery steel. But what do I know? I don't forge and am, at best, a novice maker.

I do stock removal too and use my lifelong love of knives and years of collecting and use as a guide. Meaning, I use the steels that I like in a knife.

Right now my favorite steel is S35vn. It ain't cheap but it's what I like in as knife blade.

Doug Lester

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Too short, wide, and thick for stock removal. Forging them out to a usable piece of steel to start a blade with will take a lot of time and effort. Depending on the alloy content they could have a narrow heat range for forging. Heat treating is "your guess is as good as mine". I'd pass and let him sell them for scrap.



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I have one of those and there great....for tapping small holes mostly in folder making. I believe mine's a #45
I believe that one pictured says it's for 1/2" and up. that would be great for serious production tapping but for the occasional hole that you would need to use taps that large, I'd just hand tap them.

I could be mistaken but that's what it looked like.


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Yep, looking again at those other pics attached to the the world of tapmatics, that's a monster tapper.