Tents for Weekend Camping


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Hi, I'm new to camping, but would like to try a weekend or two of camping with my son and daughter, ages 14 and 12 respectively. I looked at tents from various vendors, and I really haven't found a vendor that describes their tent in a way that I can understand. I basically want a five person tent that will last and cover all the basics. Please advise on your best opinion of a durable and functional (preferably easy up tent). Thank you, and I love the Knife Dogs forum. tz

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Our Coleman tent as stood up to our moderate usage. While not as good as other more expensive brands (I still have a Eureka dome I bought in '82) I think they are a good value. Whatever you buy, make sure to seal the seams and get a good ground cloth to help save wear on the floor. I would suggest looking at a bigger tent--three people w/gear and air mattresses will be pretty tight in a "5 man" tent.