Thanks for the tutorial

scott mack

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DSC_0054_072.jpgDSC_0059_077.jpgBruce followed your tutorial, I tkink it came out pretty good,except for the fatal weld flaw in the middle of the blade. Scott

scott mack

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All the welds were wet. I think the flaw was in the last stack and weld before cleaving, it starts at the edge and travels in an arc up to the center then stops and is all the way through the blade, it was very easy to see before etching. Another thing, I didn't mig weld the edges at each stage, only the coupon before final draw and shaping so that may be part of the problem. Scott


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Bruce Bump

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I dry weld everything now except the initial stack. I have a couple blades just like yours, its a shame isnt it? Such a beauty!

J S Machine

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Nice job on it anyway, even if it is messed up because of the flaw. Maybe you can get some smaller blades out of the places that are not messed up.