The new Skull beads

Jeff Pearce

Here are some of the new skulls that we have been working on. They are plated in Hematite,roman oxide copper,roman oxide brass, Antique 18k gold,Rhodium,Matte hematite.

Let me know what you think....



those are real mean looking "in a nice way" when are the eyes going to glow like the one i have ???????

Kris Martinelli

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Wow didn't think they could get better. My seven year old dauther and her friends love the glow in the dark ones. Ya think you will there will be some from this bunch!! Or maybe I should go to the site, LOL. Its time for me to buy more from you....the Lanyards are awesome and the skulls add to the knife...I will try to get some pics for you. Life has been way crazy here. Wish you the best!!!