The random knife pictures thread...

Les George

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Stone washed Ti and a few of the blades, all the Ti looks like this though....

Thanks for looking! Oh and post 'em if ya got 'em! :eek:

Les George

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Nice pics Duds!

That FM-1 is from the first batch of about 6 that I started in Hawaii and finished in TX. The holes at the corner of the lock cut tell me that. I only did the few like that.

Have I been around long enough for that to be "old school?" If so, then there you have it! :)


I can't wait to get some of your work!!! I KNOW I just won't want ONE of your knives!!!

Bill Coye

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Hydra XL

So I pull in the driveway and there's this fat guy in a red suit standing at my front door.

I was like: "Dude, your kinda early aren't ya?"

He was like: "Negative. I'm right on time".

Very nice blade sir.