The tooth fairy was good to me!

Calvin Robinson

Moderator Christian Forum
I built this for a customer who had a hippo tooth that he was tired of looking at. The photos don't realy show how pretty this knife is. I'm taking a class later this month at a local college, How to photograph small objects, maybe then my photos will improve.
What do ya'll think about the carbon fiber combined with the ivory? I was not too shure when I decided to use that combination but I like it now. I realy like my new checkering file, can you tell?
Compliments or criticism welcome, I realy would like to know what ya'll think.
Hey Calvin, Yep thats another nice looking knife.Im quickly becoming a fan of your folders. Pictures look pretty good for forum viewing. If your looking to get 8x10 glossy printed then that is a different story? They always look better in hand though for sure.
I deliverd this to it's new owner today, he thinks it is beautiful! All he knew was that he was getting one of my BHB modles with ivory from the hippo tooth. He was very impressed, I'm sure I exceded all his expectations.
Thank you all for your compliments.
sweet knife calvin isnt that a great feeling when you see the look on there face and there speechless great job