Mark Barone

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Following Daniel‘s lead of giving stuff away, i thought we could play a game. The winner will receive a knife related surprise gift in the mail.

The rules .
1 guess per day per immediate family member. So share their guesses too.
You have to describe what the object is, not just the location. hmmmm thats kind of a clue.
The first picture is a close up and blurry. I have done this before and people are quite good at this.
Each day I will pull back on the picture and show a wider and clearer image.

If your significant other or child family member guesses correctly, let me know , and there will be an appropriate surprise gift for them included.

Mark Barone

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Here’s number 2.
Clue: Billyo seems to be good at this game. It is made out of metal but not knife related. And remember it’s an object not the location.
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