Try not to miss me!!

Steven Janik

I'll be out from Sat Sept 3rd until Mon Sept 12th.
Going to Africa to chase some critters. I might be able to hack into someones WIFI if we get near town. If so, I'll peek in occassionally.

AVO raffle number 8 has been shipped to it's winner, Mr Lucky Doug Sutherland, and we will resume with the folders from the Hammer-in when I get back, so save your nickels.

Some one keep an eye on Denny and Rudy while I'm gone. If they get outta hand you can whack 'em with a rolled up newspaper but be careful cuz they sometimes piddle on the carpet.


Steven Janik

Travelogue Day 1:
Sitting on the Tarmac in Atlanta waiting for 16 hour flight to Johannesburg South Africa then 7 hour drive to The Kalahari Desert on Botswana border to back up a buddy who is going to try to take a lion with his bow. ( I'm packing .470 Nitro Express side by side) then drive to Limpopo province to hunt birds and plains game.

Also plannIng to hook up with fellow knife dog Pieter Fourie for a couple adult beverages.

Bruce Bump

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Keep the campfire burning and the .470 by your side. Be sure to send pictures. Have fun too. What an awesome experience


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Wow, talk about a hunting trip. I hope you have a blast, and we expect to hear all about it! Be careful!



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I was thinking of you yesterday Steve. I had the chance to visit with an aquantaince who just returned from a hunt in Africa where he had taken a lion, leopard, cape, gazelle, zebra (I think he shot one of everything). I really enjoyed view all of the photos of he and his family on thier safari. The custom .375 with all of the Steve Dunn engraving was breath taking.

Good luck and we'll pray for your safe travels.

Denny Eller

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I got some Depends so you don't have to worry about your carpet. Can't speak for Rudy, though. Have a safe, enjoyable and productive trip.

Steven Janik

Well the daily travelogue idea didn't work out because of no cell or internet service in the Kalahari Desert (at least not on my systems).

Flew into Johannesburg from Atlanta and spent the night at the Afton Guest house then left early Monday morning to the far end of the Northwest Province right on the Botswana border. The soil is replaced by sand and the crops and plants of the bushveldt give way to camel thorne trees and kitthorn bushes that rip and tear at anything that dares to come in contact with it. This is the home of the famous "wait-a-bit" bush that hooks your clothes and slows down even the most hardy hiker.

The last 150km of this trip is on gravel and sand road and there are no real towns, just villages.
On this portion of the trip we met 'Joseph", the owner of this sweet "Kalahari Ferrari". This is the 2 horsepower model. Joseph delivers 5 gallon kegs of water to the local villagers from a rare desert spring. He let me and Claude give it a spin until it looked like we might lift the tiny donkeys off the road, pretty embarassing.


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