Updates - Hometown Hero Build

Actually , I just received the blanks from Aldo a couple of days ago .
All looks good , but I'm going to wait to ship till after Xmas . Working at the P.O. , I can tell you I'm swamped .​
I'll post a Plan about everything before I ship though .​
If anyone has to have your stuff now , just PM me and make sure I have your address . I'll get it out to you ASAP and do the book keeping later .​
Thanks , Bill​
I have been silent but am keeping an eye on this. I know it's probably hard to toss numbers out at this point but if you can ballpark how many names/recipients I should be looking for at the recruiter's office, that would help. I have dropped in once just to establish contact and plant the idea but I am waiting to go back until I can show then a blade blank and have an idea how many knives I am trying to find Marines for (does that sound wierd or is it just me:) )
This is a fairly small town so I'm not sure how many recipients I can find, but I will do best I can for the makers who don't have the opportunity to find their own.
As far as names go I have aroung 20 right now . With more every week .
I know Max has 5 names . Randy has 1 , Uncle Billy has 1 and Patrick has 1 .​
I think there was 1 or 2 more that had a name , but I can't remember offhand , I'll have to check the PM's I have .​

If anyone has someone in mind for a knife please let us know . Or if you can take some time and visit any recuiting office - Army or Marine , please do so , you won't regret it .

Thanks , Bill​
in my home town you cant toss a stone withought hitting a service member

bill let me know when im due for the helping hand like we talkked about at the MD show
Well , I'm getting things ready to ship this weekend :biggrin: , I should have it in the mail on 1/3/12 .

Please check the 1st post in the Makers Recruiting drive thread , were I've tried to post accurately all the info I have ...
Let me know if there need to be any changes made to anything I've put you down for ...

There are a couple of you with ? question marks ? in the tally . Please PM me so I can make them go away ...:what!:​

Something to remember -- the time frame for completion of your indivdual build is up to you . I will work something out with Brad at Peter's Heat Treating , so that those who get to theirs quickly will not wait long ..
That gives those with multiple blades , or those who need to get an order or 2 out beforehand or those who may experience any of lifes left hooks , plenty of time to get in/out/back in should they need too .. Whatever happens don't sweat it .​

I'll be double checking that I have your addresses in the next day or so .. Thank you again , one and all . Bill​

p.s. Still have a few blades without a maker ..​
Bill, I do not have any recipients' names, nor time to find them. I am not set up to do kydex*. I will grind and assemble as many knives as you need, please don't let any "extra" blanks languish. Send them to me and I will take care of them. I do have plenty handle material, bolts etc.

*anyone that is willing to help with kydex sheaths for however many knives I'm privileged to make, please contact me! I will be happy to trade materials, labor or cash for your contribution!
I have 5 knives nearly finished. I have kydex but I am not very experienced with it. What kind of belt loop or attachment do these need? Photos would be helpful.
I asked the same question and the answer was that most military guys want the small Tek-Lok. Tracy sells them for 10$ and change with hardware. He also has a Kydex tutorial that shows assembly. I don't have pics as I haven't done it yet either so maybe somebody can show some.
I've been making a belt loop out of kydex. I just fold a piece of kydex over a piece of wood 1/4" x 2" ,leaving at least a 1" overlap with both ends. Then I mount it with Chicago screws. Costs about a dollar.
For what it is worth, I would highly recommend following Bill's lead on this. If you do opt to buy a Tek-Lok for your sheath, please buy the Large model. A Small Tek-Lok will not fit any of our uniform nor gear belts as they are designed to only accomodate up to a 1.5" belt. Current military belts are 1.75-2".
Thanks for the questions and answers, everyone! These knives won't do much good if the folks who need 'em, can't carry them.
My 5 are almost done. I just need to sharpen them and make the sheaths. I decided to mix them up a bit. The first two are the supplied handle materials and cold blue. The third one has a mustard patina. The fourth one has a black Gun Coat coating and plastic/nylon cammo handle. Number four is a brushed finish with black Micarta.

well mine is done just waiting to get back from K-Robinson who donated my sheath you guys got to see it makes my
knife look 10 x better lol. No really i was blown away that he would donate this and would love every one to take a look at his stuff.

His prices were very good IMHO. well here is the knife and sheath. Just need to sharpen when it arrives and ship back out.

hardware specs : heat treated with a clay differential hardening ( hamon)
dark acid etch
black torx screws(3)
and a carbon fiber thong tube


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Guys, these are looking GREAT!!!!

I have been on hiatus from the knife shop since Christmas, but just got back in there yesterday. Got this blade cleaned up and one side ground. I'm now really debating doing a chisel grind, just for something a little different. Not to copy someone else's idea, but I've started using a chisel grind more often and I like it.

I'll be working hot and heavy to get it done as soon as I can.