Viking Axe by Gudy Van Poppel


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I got a new toy I gotta show you guys! (wel actually I won't have it 'till saturday... ;))

Made for me by my friend, Dutch knifemaker Gudy Van Poppel.

His explanation:

Gudy Van Poppel said:
Finished a commision, with lots of blood sweat and tears!
Long have I thought about how to make a Viking axe, the way they made it back then. Normally this type of forged axes is from low carbon steel, with a high carbon insert for the cutting edge. That can be done. But I wanted to make it from damascus steel, and that's a different matter! I made a billet of 5 bands of torsion damscus, kind of like a Viking pattern. Then I forged the axe, made the "eye", and forged it around a conical thorn. That was a hell of a job. After that it was forged to shape, the cutting edge was ground open, folded open, and a 400 layer damascus cutting edge was inserted and forged in.
The handle was made from a beam of "Tigermaple", and this was no easy feat as well!
But it was fun to make, and I know it will get a good home!

(I hope I translated the technical stuff correctly!)

Specs: Cutting edge 14cm. length from handle to cutting edge 19cm. Handle length 90cm. Weight of the axehead approx 460 grams.

Enjoy the pics! (pics by Gudy)





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Gudy did a Real Nice job on the Viking Axe, I really like the Axe Head design/profile and the Damascus Steel Is Beautiful, The Tigermaple Handle Is very well done, Thank's for sharing the picture's,