Vintage Folding Fish Knives for sale with free folding display case


$20 to $40 each.

Vintage Fish Knives, all are collectible brands, quality built of stainless steel with cast bolsters and brass liners.

Buy all seven knives for $175 and the folding display case and postage to the lower 48 are included. (That's $25 each - $20 off the total of the individual prices below and I'll give you a free case and pay the postage). US postal service money order only.

5 inches long with the blades closed, and handles are the traditional yellow color, except as noted.

KA-BAR Union Cutlery Olean New York USA “T-75”, hook-sharpening stone inlaid in right-side handle, 4 3/8 inches closed. $25

Kinfolks USA “3212” has a uniquely-shaped hook remover tip, hook-sharpening stone inlaid in right-side handle. $25

Kutmaster Utica New York. $25

Remington UMC “Trade Mark” “One of Five Thousand”. 1990s production with colorful Staglon handles. 100% new, perfect, un-used. $40

Ulster USA “308SS” in particularly fine original condition. $35

Ulster USA “308SS” with blade etch that says “Fisherman’s Pride” One yellow handle, one white handle. $20

Western USA “S-751” hook-sharpening stone inlaid in right-side handle, 4 3/8 inches closed. $25

Shipping is $10.20 for fewer than all seven knives.



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Buy all seven knives and I'll include free this folding case for storage and for displaying knives at shows, as well as paying all the postage.



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