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My Dad (knifemaker W.E. Ankrom) purchased a bunch of Westinghouse Micarta in the mid '70's. Over the years he gravitated towards more exotic handle materials and used less and less of his micarta stockpile. He almost never uses it anymore.

When visiting him for the Thanksgiving holiday I picked up what remained of his vintage ivory micarta as well as a partial sheet of old brown linen micarta. The sheets measure 3' x 3' x 3/8" and should yield about 55-60 sets of scales each. Two sheets are solid Ivory in color and the other two sheets have a single black line running down the center (see photos). One sheet was used as a backer to cut leather on when he made his own sheaths back in the day and the surface is scored up quite a bit. Scoring is superficial and will sand out easily.

This is the real deal, highly sought after vintage paper Ivory Micarta that darkens in color as it ages. Very difficult to find.


All 4 sheets in my shop (floor tiles are 12" square).


They still have the protective coating but it's turned a bit brittle.


The edge of the black line micarta.

Scales will be 1-1/2" x 5" x 3/8" each scale.

Larger custom sizes may be available if we have the uncut material to work with.

Scales are $60 per set or 10 sets for $500. No further discounts will be offered as supplies are very limited.

You can reply to this post and reserve your scales or you can email us at

Well..... I guess it's time to start cutting. Thanks for looking!