Von Gruff


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For those that were on the forum when Vun Gruff was a member - Here is his website https://vongruffknives.com
He had some really informative posts and his knives are quite unique. He posted a couple of his hunting adventures. If you h
have time you can search for those -especially if you get snowed in and check out the knives he makes on his website.
Personnaly I really miss his posts.
I remember him and wondered how things were going for him in NZ a year or so ago when they were all in an uproar banning legally owned semiautomatic rifles. I seem to recall some of his hunting photos showed them using AR platforms and wondering if he was going to have to turn them in.

And for the millionth time I felt lucky to have been born in the USA. We’re far from perfect but I love how we have list of 10 essential freedoms, documented right from the beginning that are untouchable.