VOTING CLOSED Dec 8-15 - Voting Photo Contest Week 1, Dec 1-7

Which picture wins week 1 photo contest?

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This thread will be opened for one week after close of week 1 Photo Contest.

  • Winner will get $25 gift certificate from
  • You can NOT vote for yourself.
  • Votes will be visible.
  • Voting will be Dec 8-15
  • Everyone is encouraged to vote. You do not have to be in the contest to vote.
  • comments are allowed/encouraged in this thread after you vote.

This is going to be a bit of a challenge to get all the images into one thread for voting. Stay tuned.

PS I have just posted all the pictures in this thread in preparation for the voting next week. There is still time to get in this weeks contest. Once this week is ended, I will open this thread with a voting poll here.

PPS This is going to be a lot more competitive than I thought initially. We have some serious dogs in this fight.
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Photo by N.N.


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Voting for Week 1 Photo Contest - Open to all - Vote the best

Voting is open for the week 1 photo contest.

Anyone can vote.
You can not vote for your own.
Votes will be visible.

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I voted Fred's Edge this week.
I don't think it was technically the best photo.
I just really liked the composition and overall emotional feel I got from it.


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JWestHurl for me.
I thought that showcased the knife well as well as the story behind it.
The composition was good, the eye kept moving and coming back to the knife.
The colors were not only in tune with the subject matter, they were distributed evenly thru out the frame.