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So I am going to attempt to help those who are believer's in West System Epoxies. https://www.westsystem.com/products/

Never would attempt to get in the "Glue Wars"! So if you are not interested in the WEST SYSTEM Epoxies. Close this thread and move on!!!

Now if you are interested their is link to their site in the first sentence. I have found there experts to be very helpful. The first time I called in they answered my question and all they ask is your name, business name if you have one, and what you use the West System for.
That is after their expert stayed on the phone with me for 10 -15 minutes and answered every dumb question I had. He even dumbed down an explanation or two with some of the more technical answers.

The second time I called their expert. I had to stay on hold for about 5+ minutes to get a chance to speak to the expert but, he was as helpful and nice as the first one I talked to. They asked my name and when I told him he brought it up in his PC. He then mentioned you have called before!!

Yes, I said. When he finished answering my questions he asked me if I would be interested in their magazine. Its free, just need an address!! Not a problem I said you had me at free!!

Their magazine has been a wonderful and helpful magazine, and it is free! The magazine is quarterly and has all sorts of projects as well as the occasional knife story. Since the epoxy was primarily aimed at boats and boat building projects a lot of the stories are about such. However their is always useful info that can cross reference to other projects and knife making!!

The issue I just received is the 50th anniversary addition. This particular issue is about basically all of their epoxies and covers thickness issues, cleaning, (what to do and what not to do)! Failures and why. Which of their epoxies is right for your project as well as hardeners that are available! This issue would cover most every post I have seen asked about on any knife forum!!

So here is a bone, Here is a link to the magazine!! https://www.epoxyworks.com/
I hope everyone finds it as enlightening as I have! Oh, if you have a question call their help line and talk to the expert. They are really helpful!

Your welcome!! mike drop.jpg

C Craft

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OK guys, I was trying to be funny! Sometimes my sense of humor can be a little off! :p

Seriously, though this addition of there little magazine has some of the best advice I have heard. After all they have been doing this for 50yrs. now!

One tip in this addition says cleaning before gluing with epoxy!

Under surface preparation:
When you are ready to apply the epoxy, make sure you substrate is properly prepared. For most substrates like wood, fiberglass, and metals we recommend sanding the surface with 80 grit aluminum oxide sandpaper. Avoid solvent wipes to prevent contaminating the surface. If you need to use solvent contaminants, make sure you to apply with white paper towels. Wipe the solvent on the surface to remove contaminants, then dry the surface right away with paper towels before the solvent flashes away (evaporates). Paper towels are a safe option the chance of contaminating the surface when doing a solvent wipe. Common solvents used are acetone and lacquer thinner.

In another area it further explains printed paper towels and rags have a dye in them. Use of either with a solvent wipe can contaminate the area to be epoxied with a dye, that may repel the epoxy, effecting the strength of the bond between epoxy glue and the material used!! Another note, to this subject buy the good paper towels. The cheap ones may leave residue behind!!

The above info has been bantered about on every knife forum I have ever seen. But here you have the advice from the horses mouth. So to speak!!

So get the magazine and learn why your failures failed and if you should be worried about the last knife' handle you sent out!!! This particular edition offers more advice from the company about all sorts of issues you have ran into while knife making and using epoxy!! They really do have experts that can answer any question you might come up with when using the West System Epoxies!!!

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@C Craft Thanks for the info. Guess I better go buy some plain white paper towels. I wonder if the blue shop towels that I normally use are ok. They didn't mention anything about those from what I read


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Thanks Cliff, I just signed up for their printed issues... :D
A friend at work also builds custom boats so I'm sure he'd be interested in this too.

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@C Craft Thanks for the info. Guess I better go buy some plain white paper towels. I wonder if the blue shop towels that I normally use are ok. They didn't mention anything about those from what I read
I think the color of those blue shop towels will move with solvent. I haven't used any in a while! What they are talking of is contamination at glue-up. That is why you want to use quality towels that don't leave lint behind!

But Hey call their experts and let them give you an answer to the blue towels!!

Steve, everyone of their issues is informative but this 50th Anniversary edition was just loaded with tips that can transfer over in the knife making!!


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So if you are not interested in the WEST SYSTEM Epoxies. Close this thread and move on!!!
Figured I'd just as well jump on the band wagon too. Seems these days when someone doesn't like something, they scream "Discrimination" of some variety.

You all know I'm only kidding! PLEASE...... there's nobody much more conservative then me. ;)

No that I man handled the thread, just ignore me and move on......nothing to see here. :p:p

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Ed, one day I hope to meet you in person, you reached out and answered a dumb newbie's question when I first started! You even told me that it was a good question not a dumb one! :cool:

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So for those who don't have the magazine. Start with this link. https://www.epoxyworks.com/index.php/epoxy-resin-and-hardener-basics/ It is the 50th Anniversary edition and there is also a place to order the digital magazine!!

At the bottom of the page a link to move forward and backward! There is everything from the basics, to molding, casting, and the mistakes we all have made or are making, etc., etc.!!!!!
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