What's going on in your shop?

Casey Brown

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So, a friend's son wanted to make a tomahawk out of a railroad spike for a high school project. I helped him make this. It was his first time doing any blacksmithing. He did well. I only made a few adjustments here and there to make sure he was going in the right direction. It was actually a lot of fun.
Playing around with new designs and materials. What do y'all thing? The neck knives are Damascus the rest are 80crv2. The 80crv2 desert ironwood, firedog micarta, and dyed box elder in block form are all new to me. I'm excited to see how badly I mess them up lol IMG_20112019_222932_(640_x_960_pixel).jpgIMG_20112019_223625_(640_x_960_pixel).jpg


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Joseleather. He sells on EBay and is also in Instagram. Does quality work at great prices. An absolute pleasure to do business with. I can’t recommend highly enough.
Are these generic or does he do custom work. Do you send him knives to make the sheaths.