Where are you from? Tell us about yourself.

I'll play

My name is Bob, I live in cypress tx. Been making knives for about 6 months.

Director of Safety for a petroleum measurement company by day.

No kids, just a wife that thinks I'm insane for making all these knives lol

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My name is Justin Presson and I live in Kansas City Missouri. I have been making knives for about a year.
During the day I'm the Grounds Manager for Liberty Public Schools.
I have 2 kids one 3 and the other 1 month and I have not touched my work shop or a knife in about a month and a half and I'm starting to get the shakes!
Helo, I am Kevin Currington
I live in West Point, Texas. I am from La Marque, Texas. I worked for La marque Police Dept. for 21 years before retiring from there and moving to the La Grange area. I am now an investigator for the State of Texas. I have a wife, a teen son, a dog, a turtle and two chickens.I have been a knife collector for 30 + years and have been a hobby knifemaker for the last 4 years or so. Due to schedules and family life I am just now getting to devote more time and money to knifemaking. I started out trying to make knives on a Delta benchtop sander. I am a self taught knifemaker, learning from books and videos and talking to knifemakers. I am hopeful that the Texas Knifemakers Guild will suceed and help promote the craft of knifemaking.
OK, my name is Steve and I am a knifeaholic. I am 59 years old and live in the Central Valley of California.
Married 38 years to a wonderful women who supports my every hobby (Even my endeavor to hit 200 + MPH on my 2003 Hayabusa At the Mojavie Mile).
Sorry Jason I was reading threads on my phone with tapatalk and did not realize this was in the Texas guild.....opps
Howdy y'all, I'm Andrew Griggs and I live in Telephone, Texas. Yep, it's a real place with a post office and all.lol
Been making knives off and on for about 15 yrs. I'm a full time maker at present and I am constantly learning new methods
and skills. Sometimes from others but also a lot of trial and error. I look forward to interacting with each of you here.
Mark Andrews .. I am from Massachusetts . I have been fooling around with knives since a young kid. I was always collecting back then . Mostly good old fashioned buck knives . Got older and drifted away from it and started my family . About fifteen years ago my old pal and neighbor got me back in to it . Giving me Blade magazines Etc. One day I decided to make my own knife and it has been full tilt since . I would classify myself as a part time maker. My operation is totally self sufficient and although I get burned out from time to time I do enjoy what I do. I make hand forged full tang knives and I have a line of Bushcrafters that pay the bills.
My Name is Percy Richardson III (I go by Rich). My father is a full time knifemaker since 1988. I started making knives off and on in 1995. I am now a full time maker myself. I am 36 and live in Lufkin Texas. Aside from knifemaking I am a Avid tournament fisherman. I run the Knife shop in Lufkin Texas and have some of the knives from Guild members on display. Travis Payne had some knives here, Brandon McFarland, The late Ruffin Johnson, as well as W.D. Pease. We also have production knives on display however 90% of our business is handmade.
Welcome, Rich. What tournaments do you fish? Basschamps? FLW? BASS? I just fish local club stuff out here, too far to travel for the bigger tournaments.
Jason, Just now got back on here haha. Was good to meet you at the Show. I fish Mainly FLW stuff right now. Working on a Teammate for Bass Champs and Texas Team Trail Next year possibly. I am a member of a TABC Club here in Lufkin and will be fishing the State Tournament in September on Lake Falcon (Should be fun). I won my first FLW even on Sam Rayburn a few weeks ago. If your ever down this way feel free to let me know and we will hit the water.........
Sounds good, Rich. Nice to meet you as well. If you ever need info on Ivie or Hubbard Creek, I can hook you up :)
Greetings to all,

I am Lee Haag, retired military, retired Lowe's. Started making knives back in high school, now it's once again a hobby I work at pretty much full time now. I started out assembling... from this I learned a lot about handles. I still buy really good quality production knives and re-handle them, my favorite is Becker Knife & Tool, great steel and design... crappy handles. Now I own a KMG outfit with a hollow grind jig, I will say having good equipment is a jump in the quality of the knives I am able to provide. I prefer to work with D2 and AEL, I've acquired some very nice handle materials also, native Texas Mesquite, Pecan, and Osage Orange (Bodark). I currently send my blades to Peters for heat treating.
I also sharpen knives on the side... I use the Sharp Machine... http://www.thesharpshoponline.com/
I want to thank David Bryson for his hospitality, introduction to the Guild, and for his help setting up this hollow grind jig. He also told me about the Hammer-in. I saw a lot of firsts' for me, and quite the experience to talk with other makers...

Thanks to all