which foredom?

Travis Fry

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There seem to be a lot of options, and I figure someone here has an opinion and some experience. All of the models are similarly priced (or at least not more than 1 or 2 knife sales' difference), so I'd like to get the best/most versatile one for what we do. I'd appreciate all the feedback that can be gotten.

Thanks in advance.


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The TX Series seems to have the best torque/speed ratio of any of the Foredoms I have used, and I've been using Foredoms as my 'right hand' for 30 + years. Everything from the 'S' series on up. I also have opted for a 'quick change' handpiece, but it will only accommodate 3/32" bits. A word of warning if you are using the #30 handpiece. It will 'bite' you if you happen to have your finger over the spot where you insert the chuck key when operating. Ask me how I know :)

Don Robinson

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I don't know what model I have, it's about 30 years old. I like the remote speed control, the 3 jaw chuck I put on it, and the cable drive. I've never had an issue with it.