Wootz steel from India


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Any of you guys ever bought and used any of this stuff? I read up on it and it sounded pretty interesting. I'm thinking about buying a piece and giving it a try. Anybody know what the heat treat formula is. Can't try it until I know that. Thanks,


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Got a link?
I do know what wootz is. I'm wondering, if it's from India, it could just be mystery damascus.

Edit: I'm just cautioning you, I don't think anyone knows how to make true wootz steel anymore.
India is notorious for mystery damascus made out of manhole covers and junk.
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Al Pendray from Florida was making Wootz steel in the past but I believe he's having health issues right now, personally I'd pass on anything from India..steel wise.


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In my experience, any "steel" that comes out of India is taking a big chance..... usually it seems folks end up on the loosing side.

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I was given some Damascus steel in trade for services that was marked as made in India and some from Pakistan and all of them had poor forge weld joints that separated. I had to work around those section which was unfortunate.


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Bear in mind. True Wootz steel was a crucible steel, made into ingots, and not made by hammer forging into a layered laminate of two or more different steels.

Michael Minto

educate me, guys...it's just terminology, i think, but wouldn't the term "pattern welded" steel be more accurate, rather than to call it "damascus" (so named due to the steel industry there back in antiquity) or "wootz", since from what i read no one really knows how to make that anymore (as stated above)? thanks.