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If I can get your regular email, I can send you the bylaws draft that we have. The IRS was helpful by giving you an exact phrase to have in your bylaws to help get 501c(3) status.
Cal, Sorry to hear about Jim. Have lost about a half dozen of my old friends over the past year. Hope your doing well. Ray
Chris.. No expert but .. Yes it works. Clean, flat steel surfaces. And mild to medium hammer blows to set welds. Surface prep is key. My cycle get to welding temp, soak for a short time to ensure center is to temp, set weld, -- x's 3 . again no an expert but temps are 2200+ for welds. Vic Legg
Chris Railey
Chris Railey
Thanks, I set up 13 layer billet tonight I will try to forge weld it in the morning.

I was just looking at my personal data and realized my birth month is incorrect. There was a note there that said an administrator would have to change it . My correct birth date is June 23, 1945. Sorry for the bother. Don't know how I screwed it up.
didn't realize we had sold out a couple weeks ago. I just ordered more. 3 to 4 weeks.
I am so sorry to hear of the recent troubles down in Christschurch. Just a note to let you know that you fine people are in our thoughts and prayers here in the US.
Von Gruff
Von Gruff
Thanks Abbott. There are people driven by evil in all societies.
Are you using the 4 x 36. I only have a 4x36 and 1 x 30. I had a heck of time getting good grinds on the 4 x 36 . I actually use the cheapm1x 30. I just felt the other was too wide, everybody here pretty much uses a 2 x 72. I won't have the opportunity to get one of those but I am considering a 2 x 42 or 2 x 48. 200 dollars. Slavic Tely use one and makes beautiful knifes. Check him out.
Act professional sir, if you don't have some offended feelings about it. If you don't like my replies then don't use my content. That's being needy. Plus one negative/positive feedback a person can share about your site, I'm a Journalist/Filmmaker and I know how to promote or demote online businesses. Trust me. I'll do my best. Let's my post be removed and I leave with a positive experience about your management.
I don't wanted to get to the point of political discussion but it got there. Please delete all of the post. Or instruct me to delete it when it's got closed. Thank you
Hi Ian,
It will be good to talk pocketknives with you. I am in Mackay North Queensland. My email is I do look forward to collaborating with you.
Hi Grahame

Sorry I missed your message - I’m not so used to this forum setup. I’ll send you an email (