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John, here is my address: John Spice. 44 Theodore Dr. Bella Vista, AR. 72715. As a token of my appreciation, may I PayPal you for the postage at least? Thanks So Much!
John Wilson
John Wilson
Hey John. Cool. i’ll get these out tomorrow if at all possible.

No need to pay me anything, man. I ship stuff constantly. It’s a couple bucks- no big deal.
My address is Santino Marani 2645 Walnut Grove rd Benton KY 42025 thanks
Giday Kevin. What a blessing to see your interest and reading in the Christian Knifedog Group.

In Christ

Kevin Zito
Kevin Zito
Hey! It was an even greater blessing to find the group last night! I have often wondered if it was knifemaking that drew such fine gentlemen together... I’ve never met a better group of people. It all makes sense to me now. Where there is goodness, there is God.
John, I am exploring stabilization in a thread and I would really appreciate your opinion!
Is anyone from Shreveport/bossier city, la or surrounding area ? Need a partner or teacher, mostly teacher lol
Hello, I just signed up today! I have a collection of Tiny Spencer Knives that i want to sell is there anyone that may be interested please contact me. Thanks, Peter
hello mister Caffrey i would like to ask if you could show we a sight ore a place to have a way to fil some worm holes and cracks in wood with out ALUMITE ?
im a renter theirs little space for pumps ans vacuums thank, you as always for all your previous help
graveyard just a mutt
Rick Otts im a mutt i have not used personalize are and etcher i have a request if you can to talk let me know thank you