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Hey chuck. Was wondering if u get your folder parts cut using a waterjet machine or laser process. I had some cut but they were scrap. Thanks.
Hi Trust. a quick Google search of my own last name and my knives I came across this post you made here over 10 years ago! Ha ha how time flies. Sorry, I didn’t see your note then, but happy to answer any questions if you would like. Feel free to text me at 713-724-1993 or you can reach me through the website at or on Instagram as @MilinskiKnives
Hi Jim. Interested in your kydex press. Do you have any available? Which vacuum pump do you recommend? Thanks!
Jim Levite
Jim Levite
I just got supplies in this week. I am going to be making them this weekend. I use a 5cfm 2 stage pump. 3cfm will work. Just make sure it's 2 stage. I paid about $99 8 years ago off Amazon. It still works perfectly
Michaels Global Trading (MGT) is a local Canadian company with nearly a decade of experience. With humble beginnings as a small resale business operating out of a storage locker we’ve grown to become the leaders in the removal, decommissioning, and liquidation of inventory across North America.
Hi Bob, I am looking at the Reeder Grinders and saw you have one. Have you come across anything you'd do different looking back? thanks much!
I started to write comments on the grinder, but this messaging system limits me to 420 characters. If you want to discuss this in detail, how you send me an email and we can talk in more detail.
Please do not send me ANYTHING. Save the money on postage/stickers/hats/etc. Use it to fight for our rights instead!!
I have been working on my first forge and was intrigue by your description of Vulcan's Chariot. What I have built was a 3 burner in an old beer keg. I was looking for info on a PID setup when I ran across your post here but unfortunately the pics you put with the post do not load. I would be interested in the wiring and set up of the system.
Thanks for any help
Nate Anglin
I've registered to say thank you for your titanium damascus experiments. I've been looking for information for years and your tries and efforts are the most informative to me,I've learned a lot. Can you please tell me,will I achieve success if I arc/mig weld the canister with titanium sheets inside? I've seen you TIG-welding them,but,unfortunately,I have no TIG in my shop.
I have mig welded some sheets in a can and forged them to a billet. you have to really minimize oxygen as any surface oxidation kills the weld. the next time I weld some in a can it will be with an argon gas flow through the billet to chase out oxygen. Basically a pipe welded to the can with a hole to allow argon flow.
Thank you for the reply,sir