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  • Aldo, you should pay more attention to the forum, thanks for nothing!!! I can buy steel anywhere, but it will never be from you... Kma!!!
    Aldo, i am new to this forum, i sent you a couple of messages and was wondering if you got them? Fred rowe suggested i get in touch with you for my steel needs... My name is mike stewart, you name it guy with stewart cutlery. Looking for some steel to make a few jigs i need then i will need blade steel, 1095,1074,1085 and any you may suggest. I know you are busy, just let me know if you got my e-mails, thanks.
    I'm looking to pick up some s35vn and maybe some cpm154. Is there somewhere I can view the sizes you have to offer? I need some wide stock for some kitchen knives I'm dreaming up, like .140 gauge or something in that area. Whatcha got?


    I've got to put another day on it. I've got 5 guys testing it as well. I figure I'll hear back from one of them soon. I'd like to give it time this week but I'm ordering a whole lot of steel this week along with saws and tooling for the new shop. When we get all the results back we'll know for sure if we'll order it. I think it will replace 5160 right out of the chute. What sizes do you figure I should get. (Personnel opinions allowed.)

    Hi Aldo, you had done some forging with another forum member on steel simular to w-2. Did you ever finish the R&D on that steel? And are you going to sell any of it? Thanks,

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