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    What's going on in your shop?

    Great flow IMHO.
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    Lock back whittler

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    Slimline trapper with stag

    Very nice Craig
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Raised rope file work on an amber stag E D C.
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    Releiving liners

    Hi Don, how are you? Good to see you put your two cents worth in around here.
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    Forum Cherry Pop - Cross Draw Traditional Style Blade

    Very nice, 440c is a good steel IMHO.
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    Flipping knifemaking stuff

    Don't have anything for sale but would like to add another buffer, any leads?
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    Guns, Cut N Shoots and other dual threat weapons

    I love this thread, keep it up!
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    Folder shield inlays.

    Thanks Calvin, I think peening that pin on the back side of the shield is a great idea. Another good reason to buy custom knives.
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    Cattle knife

    That knife looks familiar... I hope I didn't put too many fingerprints on it!
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    D2 integral

    I'm diggin' that design, very sleek!
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    dagger WIP

    Nice design.
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    Doing a shoulder for a guard.

    If I could do it that way, I wouldn't use a file either.
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    Thanks a lot guys, I'm in central Texas and the humidity right now is in the 20's.
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    Anyone here have a thought on why my grinder is shocking me? It acts like static and only does it when running a gator belt on the platen.