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    Whether to make a knife for a Marine

    Years ago I asked a friend about making a knife for his son serving in Iraq, he later told me he checked with his son and was told that if the soldier is on duty or in theater he was a only allowed to carry weapons that were issued or approved by whoever was in command. A friend, Charlie Ochs...
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Wow, that's nice! is that being built where you live now or did you get another piece of land?
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    Air compressor help

    On a serious note, it may be soda blast or scale from welding, I don't think those tanks are painted on the inside or lined like a water heater.
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    Air compressor help

    looks like it may have been used by a Mexican cartel before it was put up for sale, they may not have got it completely emptied.
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    Hamon thread

    Maybe you didn’t use enough clay
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    Hamon thread

    My thoughts on hamons, which probably don't account for much being I haven't made a whole lot but quite a few on hunting knives and one tanto is when the steel is clayed and differentially heat treated it would enhance the performance of a longer blade like a sword or katana against shock to...
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Man that looks awesome John!
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    "Ruins"- large bowie

    Nice, Mad Max enters the art world !
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    Bearings for platen wheel

    I use the cheap bearings in my small wheel set up's and they seem to last pretty good given the rpm's their running. when they give up the ghost I just pop them out and pop another set in. I'd be curious where the $10 bearings are made, could be China like a lot of others, just marked up. I've...
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    The passing of R.W.Wilson

    Sorry to hear that, he was a fixture at a lot of shows in Florida and was quite the character.
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    Press Build

    Nice work on the press, I also have a 2015 F150 3.5 beast, 4x4. 49,000 mi. mostly highway. and parts of that highway get to see 110 mph. when I'm in the middle of nowhere. :D I love that truck. it,s like a friggin rocket. put 600 miles on it in the last week.
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    Bench top surface grinder

    I picked up one of those years ago and while it’s a nice machine the motor and size wheels it requires limits it use. I was using it for folder blades and back bars but anything more and you’ll be spending a lot of time in front of it, I waited years to find a full size floor model and don’t...
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    cutoff saw?

    I bought a Ridgid chop saw last year after researching reviews and warranty’s. I don’t plan on using it often and probably not much on blade steels but if you have room I think there a nice addition to a shop. The one thing I’m going to do is mount a shield to the stand and up behind the saw to...
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    Etching machine sparks

    Are you an electrician? You shouldn’t go telling people to replace something that’s expensive if you don’t know what your talking about.
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    Shop Music Thread- what are you listening to today?

    I saw Black Sabath live in Philadelphia back in I think 1977 or 78. Concerts back then in Philly were pretty wild. That was a wild concert for sure.