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    best steel for a chopper/machete

    Martindale Machetes in England make their #2 Golok for British Army SpecOPs types. I have one and I see no way someone could break it unless you are chopping up the neighbors junk cars.
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    Metal Analysis - Who tests metal content?

    Thanks all, I have my leads...
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    Metallurgy, Is there a member who can discuss blade alloys?

    Hi Laurence, Been Googling for twelve years. I tried that route first. I thought perhaps there was a Metallurgist member. You never know.
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    Kershaw skyline

    I can't review the company, I have not dealt with them ( ), but their handle material page shows Burl Woods. Beautiful pictures.
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    Buffalo horn Slipjoint

    In particular, I like the way you have attached the scales to the frame. Most slip-joint makers try to hide this and hope you will accept the knife based on esthetics. John you are to be commended for applying the practical to your slip-joints. Isn't your blade material a fairly new swedish...
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    Metallurgy, Is there a member who can discuss blade alloys?

    I would like to learn the science and theory behind different blade alloy steels and their changing characters, C30V/C35V for instance. It would be especially nice to find a link where one could input the basic alloys and the view results of your own formula.
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    Inappropriate Banner ads

    Copy, out here...
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    My humble Chris Reeve collection

    Strangely enough. my CR Professional soldier takes care of all my CR needs.
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    What are your favorite production folders?

    I have reduced my folding knife footprint (at my better half's direction, the top tray of a footlocker is all folders). To accomplish this I moved the smaller footprint to a medium plastic tool box and told her the rest were for the grandkids! Buck folders predominate. Bought my first 110 Hunter...
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    Hafa Adai from Guam

    BossDog, my BSA by Imperial was only made from 58-62. The plastic scales were 2-tone reddish brown/cream with the embossed BSA shield. Bought one just like it on ebay last year.
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    Hafa Adai from Guam

    Many thanks to one and all. I am more of an observer type than participant but once in awhile I'll stick my foot in my mouth.
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    Hafa Adai from Guam

    Many Thanks...
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    Hafa Adai from Guam

    Purchased my first knife in 1958, Imperial Boy Scout folder. Been cutting myself ever since.