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    CA glue between spacers?

    One trick I have found is to clamp every thing together first, this way the fit is perfect. Use the super thin CA to wick into the spacers. It’s amazing how deep it penetrates.
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    "My very first knife" - post up!

    That’s hilarious! I know what you mean though. I have a bunch of rejects in a box somewhere. My better knives are useful for spreading epoxy and such. My best knives are sold and in the hands of hunters and collectors. Just don’t stop, they get better
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    CA glue between spacers?

    I do it all the time. Gotta be quick with the clamps though
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    File Guide

    I stopped in to see what kind of trouble you guys are into now. ha
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    "My very first knife" - post up!

    Wow, it’s nice to see this old thread still breathing. thanks for that. sorry I’ve been away at Facebook but it’s nice to see you posting your first knives, some are great and some not so much but the pride in making a functional knife is the same. Keep it up and they get better and better. Be...
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    File Guide

    I’ve tried many different epoxies and go back to JB Weld. Be sure to rough up the steel with a carbide burr and rough up the back side of the carbide with a diamond burr For best results. I use a diamond wheel on my surface grinder to re-surface them
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    Leather Sewing Machine

    I have a Tippman Boss that’s barely used. I found that leather work isn’t my thing. it’s still in the box. Will take $950 plus shipping
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    "My very first knife" - post up!

    Hey, thanks for posting here guys. It’s nice to see early works of cutlery.
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    Man O Man this is cool.

    Hey guys, I guess my slacking on our forums here did get noticed. Since Facebook came along and the presidential primaries I have become a couch potato when not in the shop. I’ll full time at making knives and now have a full time associate Mike Pierce. He started as an apprentice almost 2...
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    Man O Man this is cool.

    This thread is alive again. Thanks Jon for waking it up after 9 years. Guys what words of wisdom do you have after all this time?
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    Adventures of JJB11B my thread for past projects and WIP’s

    I have seen burlap micarta before and it looks really cool. I think they called it barb wire micarta.
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    It's time to tackle the "Intro."

    Hi Jon, Thanks for the mention of me. Wow your shop is nice enough to live in. Awesome work space for any and all endevours you choose.
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    History Channel - Knife or Death

    We watched it and I thought it was pretty entertaining and well done for the first run. I can see that I am not fit enough to swing a knife that hard. I was a bit disappointed in the samauri sword not doing well if fact it bent and had to be bent back. I noticed the knife that did the best were...
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    Congratulations to the winning makers. Quality and not quantity this year. I’m looking forward to my plaque
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    Wayne, is your KAST O LITE good to 3000 degrees? I would like the light weight idea. Mine is Mizzou 3000, pretty heavy but tough as concrete. I use flux at times so use a single burner and clay cat litter in the bottom.