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  • Bruce,

    Is the tutorial "W's from Walla Walla" still in n the site?
    helo bạn mình làm quen nhamình tên là thu mình quê ở thái nguyên hiện tại mình năm nay 26 hiện tại mình đang ở yến mình đang ởmộc châumình quê ở hưng yênmeo chon kem chong lao hoa cuc hayrối loạn kinh nguyệt tiền mãn kinhnội tiết tố phụ nữ932901664
    Du khách đến Hà Lan sẽ có những trải nghiệm thú vị khi đi thăm thú những địa điểm sau đây với xin visa đi hà lan được hỗ trợ hoàn tất nhanh chóng. Du khách và nhất là phụ huynh visa du lich ha lan để thăm con cái có thể sẽ được tham dự lễ hội lớn ở khu vực kênh Leiden vào tháng 10 hàng năm.
    Bruce, I sent you an email at the email you have listed here. Your pm box was full. Just wondering if you got it :cool:
    Hey, Bruce. I never saw these for some reason. Thanks!
    I should have come to this site long ago! Just the tip about removing contact cement from leather with a pencil eraser was worth the trip. Let alone good discussion with a bunch of good guys!
    Bruce,lol,that's like Nature sayin' "Thanks for checkin' out my sunrise and sunsets"...
    Sir,you create such beauty,and thank me for stopping by to see it???
    No,it's I who thank you.
    I haven't been down that way since I was a kid,
    but rest assured,you are on my Places To Visit List!
    Hey Bruce,
    Are you going to be at blade west? Also are you still living in Walla Walla? I used to work with Mike and Christy at Albertson's years ago.
    I'm not going although I should next year. I made a commitment to go to Bark River Knives the following weekend. They are having a rookie grind in and I'm going to go help and also have a meeting with Mike Stewart and see if we can't do some business together. If I go two weekends in a row, my wife would shoot me.
    Bruce stewart here i have talked to you on BF glad to see you here with your own sub forum. Your dagger is awesome looking forward to talking to you in the future!!
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