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    How to report a spam message without opening the message??

    awesome job done keep at it , spammers are a major threat both from the pacific rim, western europe, and middle east their goals are vary but the damage can all be the same B
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    New SPAM attack style

    got spam PM sent the report
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    Prayers For Larry

    sad day Larry was a great guy
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    Washer Question

    nylon, nytral, and teflon all deform quite easily not so for brass or bronze brass and bronze are bearing material something the petrol bases can not claim they are more like bushings that need frequent replacement so unless a makers provides me with a life time supply there will be no...
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    KD under attack by spammers..

    you can always ban the bots and spiders I had similar problems on a now defunct site a few years ago banned them and poof thing cleared up in hours. There were 300 registrations a day it was a nightmare for several weeks just filtering out the posts and registrations. also if it is allowed if...
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    Tip up or Tip down?

    Tip up is safer as the blade it tucked into the corner of the pocket not exposed to the inside of the pocket . it is also safer as the center of gravity in in the pocket no at the top so it can be ejected easily.Liability lies in tip down as the bade is more likely to self open and slice the...
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    Bridgeport Milling Machine 110v - $300

    Seems to good to be true it needs to be inspected under power with 100 it would need a 3/5 hp motor to get the same TQ as a 220 3 phase . yes NE is flooded woth good working BP's but usually with that much tooling and little backlash 1k is the min with 1.5k the average
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    Mini Hand Tapper

    nice piece of kit I have a simpler model that needs some minor work some day when I have a lathe ( after securing a job)
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    Smaller chainring bolts

    They look good !
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    Chamfering Tubing?

    For chamfering tubing you need to use a countersink bit more like this or a carbide burr type wood workers use. Speed is the key to a clean cut use a slow speed. For small tubing such as 1/4 you can use a set of 1/4 bearings to...
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    I wanted to pass this along,so that you may pass it on to everyone you know...

    always be alert and use the proper safety equipment I am proof that it can save a life but life will be changes one way or another
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    Smaller chainring bolts

    Ti is not a bearing material nor is is a good fastener material for a proper fastener to be made it needs to be hot forged then thread rolled even then it is a non grade-able fastener with a low sear strength of threads
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    cutting titanium ?

    Higher TPI or friction cut it I use 32 TPI for thin wall bicycle Ti tubing cuts it like butter.