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    Fresh take on a simple grinder

    I really enjoyed this...very interesting!!!
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    Out of this world!!!

    sounds very interesting!!!
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    My first knife

    great start !!!
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    Congratulations Robert Dark

    congrats !!!
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    I gotta go with Wade's assessment..don't let this get u down or angry..just keep plugging away!!!
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    aluminum color

    +1...great product
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    1st attempt at a "tactical" knife

    well, here goes...this is my first tactical style knife. the blade is from an old sawmill saw blade that I scrounged from a friend. it's triple tempered/quenched/heat treated. handles are od grn/black micarta with alum. corby pins/bolts (from Tracy) w/kydex sheath. MANY THANKS to the BossDog for...
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    low cost knife making

    purchase Waybe Goddard's book "The $50.00 Knife Shop" !!
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    A simple "How I make a knife" tutorial

    great tutorial..thanks!
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    What colors or grits Rouge should I use?

    I know it's hard collecting all the tools u need for this trade..but u really need a buffer...Harbor freight and Northern Tool have them..they're not the best ($35.00 range) but they're better than nothing!
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    Kydex Sheath Tutorial 4 part video 46 minutes

    Tracy...getting ready to make my 1st kydex sheath for a 'tactical' style knife I am finishing up (got my micarta handle slabs and corby pins from u guys!)..gotta say this tutorial was exactly what the doctor ordered! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all ur time and energy in putting this together!!! God...
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    Recent Work--Kydex

    those sheaths are awesome!!!!!!!!!
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    Need help naming a new damascus pattern.. This could be fun!!

    it kinda reminds me of cave about heiroglyphic damascus ? (sp?)....
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    Try not to miss me!!

    hope ur trip is safe and rewarding.....