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  • Thank you very much for your quick reply. I would only need two passes, my plans are to go on saturday. Thank you again for the reply this is why KNIFE DOGS is a great place. Craig Bailey 757 moorefield rd. Carisle Ky. 40311
    Mr. Fendley my name is Craig Bailey i am interested in going to the guild show, do they have good parking at the hotel? and how much is it to get in the show?
    dont know for sure could be the buffing compound, technique, and depending on the steel you may not get that "mirror" shine that you see on some of the stainless steels especially ones like 440C with high chromium.
    vern six here. i have a ? here for you. I got a knife from a friend , no scales on it and was rusted, great knife . some one my a great one. i would say it looks like a case ,but no markings.
    I sanded it down to 1200 grit, and went to the buffer and it would shine but a duller type of shine.
    i can still see my face in the blade but not like a super minor..
    did i ugly it when i looked in itor what am i doing wrong?
    thanks for any help
    Vern (v-6 on this forum)
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