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    Certified Rockwell C sample...

    I'd call MSC and ask them what the deal is with their SPI test blocks. They list out at 38.21 but they say there is a range of hardness. Or ask if they sell replacement sets for their "import" hardness tester.
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    Somone may like this.

    Die filers are awesome tools. I have been wanting to buy martin model's kit for a while, along with their small shaper. There are a lot of tools in the mold and die industry that can transition well to knife making.
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    CNC WIP - small flipper.

    Looking good Bossdog! I have really been enjoying this thread and it inspires me to try my hand at making a folding knife design I have been kicking around in my head for a while. FWIW, I run AutoCAD and BobCAD, and do a fair deal of subplate work. It helps me to have my fixture plate 3d modeled...
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    New (to me) Vertical mill!

    Nice looking machine!
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    I have a handful of files I use for rough work, and a handful of files I use for finer work. For the rough work I tend to use Nicholson files. For fine work I use Grobet (riffler and needle files), Pferd's, or a few good Nicholsons I have. The Pferd Corinox files are expensive but will cut a...
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    Power hammer

    I would be interested to know what it is if he gets back to you. I am always on the hunt for more power hammer info.
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    Power hammer

    Bradley made a 15 lb. Strap Hammer, and some of the import self containeds are 9kg (20 lbs)
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    Milling machine or surface grinder

    If I had to have one, I would have a mill. You can do everything a mill can and with a mag chuck and a power feed your 90 percent of a surface grinder. If you can find a combo type machine like a 860 Wells Index your even closer. In my area you can even find older machines with CNC controls for...
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    Used lathe or mill

    Around here a bridgeport can be found pretty easily. $500-5000 depending on the tooling package and what's on it. Some have older Anilam CNC packages. We had a Crusader II Bridgeport in our shop that we bought new and did a lot of work over the years with it. Lathes are pretty plentiful just...
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    Little Giant value

    Can you post pictures and give a full rundown of what's been done to it? Is it a new or old style? I rebuild power hammers on the side, and can say that the rebuilt little giant market is tough. In the last year I have seen "rebuilt" little giant 50's sell from 4 to 7,500 USD. These rebuilds...
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    Help with a 25lb'er part 2

    Not that I know of. There were thousands made that way that work well. FWIW, I have never heard of the adjusting bolt breaking. The guard on the front is what most folks do for insurance, and even with that, I have heard plenty of stories of LG springs breaking but I have yet to find someone...
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    Help with a 25lb'er part 2

    The crosshead on the first picture is about the right ("down") position for normal operation, so in that position you should be able to get the 3/4-1 inch gap. The dies also look to be H8 dies. The second pic shows the ram hanging a little low. Check out this photo of Don Hansons 100lb hammers...
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    Help with a 25lb'er part 2

    Lol, I had just posted some info in your other thread. To me, for that model LG, the cross head is in the right way. I would want to see the positioning of the toggle links. With the ram in the lowest position can you take a full front picture? The crosshead shouldn't need to be up all the...
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    Help with a 25lb'er.

    Hey Springer, I don't know if you have solved this yet, but the wonder tool for taking these keys out is a welder and a hollow porta-power cylinder. You need a rod that's threaded on one end, a nut, a spacer, and maybe some small cribbing. You weld the non threaded end onto the key at the driven...
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    A huge leap forward in my capabilites and studies!

    That's awesome. I doubt you could beat that smile off your face in the picture. Do you have any information on the net on projects you analyzed with the old SEM?