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    Cattle knife

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    My first folder

    Great looking folder John. I wouldn't have expected anything less from you. Awesome work as always! Davin
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    HHH Damascus Hatchet & Knife Set

    That's a nice looking set of cutlery you have.Randy and his son did a fine job.I know you are pleased. Davin
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    Maple Leaf Bowie

    Beautiful knife.I like everything about it. Davin
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    A couple just finished

    Here is a couple I just finished for some customers.The first is my B&T.440C hand rubbed to 600grit.Desert Ironwood w/red liner,1/8" ss pins.Blade is 3 1/4" OAL is 8". Next is my DK-18.D2 hand rubbed to 400grit.Handle is white linen micarta w/ red liner,1/4" ss pins and tube.Blade is 3 1/2",OAL...
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    going to a show

    Great looking knives.The snake wood is real sweet. Davin
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    The tooth fairy was good to me!

    Calvin,I like the combo of materials.Has a classy look to it.Nice work! Davin
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    Some Forged 1084 Stuff

    Robert,those are some beauties.Nicely done! Davin
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    W-2 hunter

    That's a beauty! Nice work. Davin
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    Stag handle drop point hunter RWL34

    Sweet looking knife. Davin
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    Sub Hilt Fighter By HHH Knives

    Beautiful knife Randy! Nice work. Davin
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    Clip point Shark and Bushcraft Osprey

    Good looking knives! Davin
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    4 small fixed blade

    Those would be handy. Davin
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    Good looking knives!Welcome. Davin
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    American Picker Kife

    That's a nice one. Good looking work. He ought to be pleased. Davin