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    The Traveler WIP

    Excellent WIP!
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    What level of photo editing is too much?

    All good points. Photoshop is overkill for most well shot knife photos that just need a little tweak. (no software will save a poorly shot subject) I do most of my photo processing in Light Room. It is much more user friendly and intuitive. And this comes from someone who has PS in his job...
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    What level of photo editing is too much?

    Good answers all. I'll add that good PS work is unnoticeable. Much like salt. If the meal tastes salty or the photo looks like it was beaten with the PS hammer it is too much. A little goes a long way. IMHO, an over PS'd image can sow the seed of distrust in the viewer...
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    spam alert

    I got that too, today. The name was Dennis Adams. Trustingly (because it is knifedogs) I clicked on the link and then thought "OOOOOOH NOOOOO" So far so good. Thanks for looking out for us.
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    Resent custom work

    Those are some striking knives!
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    Yet another first

    Looking good!
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    Voting CLOSED Week 10 Photo Contest - Final week - stop by and vote!

    Congrats to Cory and thank you for the contest Boss! Really neat to see everyone's work ratchet up :cool:
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    Voting CLOSED for Black and White Photo Contest week 8 Vote Now...

    Congrats FCarter. Another wonderful and deserving image!
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    How do I multi color sheaths

    I used a flat brush and a (semi) steady hand on these. Only dyed the edges on this one... These are two toned. The two toned sheaths were done with the lighter dye first. Then the darker dye. Darker will cover lighter, but not the other way around. The groove and indents from the...
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    Anyone care to critique my maker's mark?

    Nice. Clean. That looks great on a really nice knife.
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    Week 7 photo contest voting is CLOSED- Cell phone pics

    I voted for Pocketedge because the entire knife is in focus, evenly lit and well represented. It could've been a little higher in the frame, but that could be easily fixed with free cell phone software such as the photobucket or photoshop app.