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    Little thermocouple help

    Ditto to what John said...... call them. Thermocouple wire is a very specialized wire..... meant for very specific applications......use the wrong stuff and nothing works right. I once had a guy call up, cussing me, saying that what I posted about building a pyrometer was bull....he had...
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    I've gotta voice this...... I REALLY respect and appreciate those who choose to use their real name on any forum/public arena. I know for some it can be a security issue, but in my experience, when I see a real name, it gives me a sense that the individual has integrity, and will not "hide"...
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    Hello from Rhode Island

    Welcome to KD! Great place with great people!
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    Blurred vision

    Prayers for full/complete healing Chris!! I've had similar, and it ain't no fun! Seems no matter how attentive we are to PPE/Safety gear.....something always slips by. Hey..... keep the forums informed on symptoms....that is IF you have any. That way your experience might help someone...
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    Does Claro Walnut need to be stabilized?

    Trying to recall, but there are several varieties of walnut that either won't accept stabilizing, or are not good candidates for stabilizing. My go to finish for all types of walnut is Tru-Oil.....usually 10+ coats over a period of a few days. If you're not familiar with the application of...
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    Another Trip to Seattle....

    Cindy and I will be flying out around noon today for another medical trip to Seattle. Things have been slightly better lately, and we're hoping the Seattle Docs will have some more input/possible answers. Honestly, my expectation is that they will either up the dosage of autoimmune drugs...
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    Pickling salts

    I'd be a bit upset about rusty blades returning from the heat treater....... that tells me the outfit either doesn't know what it's doing (and if so how could you trust the heat treat), or doesn't care. Neither is acceptable IMO.
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    A few thoughts on filework

    Sure ya can! :) sign up for a free account at one of the online picture galleries/storage. I use..... You can create albums, upload, and then when you want to put a pic in a post of forums or in a click on the pic.....go down to the lower left and you'll...
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    Just speaking my own opinion.... I've used an Ameribrade, and think there are far better choices. Why? That machine is just too light weight and what I would call "flimsy" when compared to those that are more robustly built. In a 2x72 grinder, weight equals stability, increases smoothness...
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    Note to self:

    YEP! That 1/3 rule on each side is a slippery slope sometimes! ;) Teaching moment: AFTER drilling the "raindrop" pattern with a regular drill bit...... go back in with a 60 degree countersink and heavily slope the sides of the drill cut........ that will usually prevent those cold shuts...
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    A few thoughts on filework

    I'm late to the party, but will throw my thoughts out there..... Being a MS, and having judged a at both the JS and MS testing levels numbers of times..... I have a unique perspective on what I'll call "embellishments"....including filework. Speaking directly to filework, I've often found it...
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    This is getting old

    Thanks Craig! Made another trip to the ER this morning..... was up all night with groin pain and not able to "go" they stuck a cath in me and said...."You might wanna go see the Urologist in the morning." DUH! Cindy and I fly out on Thursday for another visit with the Docs in...
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    Lot's of choice out there these days. I'd encourage looking at the tried and true companies/grinders, and steer clear of the "johnny come lately" ones....they are only there trying to cash in on the popularity of knifemaking. Personally, I'm a KMG fan, but I'd also consider Bader...
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    This is getting old

    Just spent another 4 days in the hospital! GEEZ! Got to feeling really bad early last week, and had a routine pulmonary Doc Visit last Thursday. He looked me over and sent me straight to the ER. After a bunch of testing, the found internal infection, and fluid building up on my heart...
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    Quick Tips

    Some videos that will help save you time and money in the shop....