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    curing clay lining in my new forge

    It would be better if you made the "funnel" much larger. The more coal you can use to create a "beehive", The better. When it comes to curing, that's the tough part..... it needs to cure NATURALLY. If you force it to cure, it's going to crack/break, and likely not last more than a couple...
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    Hey Man, Got A Light?

    There are interests I have that come and go.... one of them was messing around with LEDs....both the individuals and the strips. If you keep your eyes open.... you can get the LED strips that are "daylight", for $5-6 for a 16ft roll. Of course these are usually 12V, and require a power...
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    Another Blackwood?

    All of my stippling/texturing is done with a power/rotary tool. Specifically a GRS 850 tool.... Turns at 400,000 rpm, and using 1/16" shanked burrs (dental burrs). I use burrs of various sizes/shapes to achieve my desired results. The latest version is...
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    Blackwood sealer/finish

    AMEN to that! I'm one of those who is deathly allergic to Cocobolo.... it can get on me, and I'm OK, but if I get the dust in my respiratory system...... let's just say that a night in the hospital taught me that one!
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    Blackwood sealer/finish

    Something I did not mention in my previous post..... African Blackwood is one of my favorite woods! I use a lot of it. The fact that it doesn't need a finish is only part of it's allure. The fine grain makes it an excellent choice for carving/texturing, and it can be finished from a rough...
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    Blackwood sealer/finish

    Blackwood doesn't require any sealer/finish..... take it to your desired finish, and a good coat of your preferred wax will do the job. In fact, most liquid type finishes will bead up/run off of African Blackwood, or simply never dry/cure. I have seen/used stabilized versions of it, but...
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    Quick question.

    OH! Forgot that part! Put the distal tapers in first thing....right after you cut out the profile. It's way more work then if forged in....and it will also make achieving a smooth hollow grind a bit more tricky....but once you learn how, it'll be nothing. I use a large flat platen... and...
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    Quick question.

    To answer the question....yes, with a distal taper, the thickest portion of the blade should be at/near the middle of the ricasso.....with the blade tapering/becoming thinner in both directions from there. How much is usually a matter of each maker's personal tastes. The idea/purpose of...
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Love it Gene!! "W" pattern is so versatile! Besides "canned" mosaics, for the past couple of years I seem to make more W patterns then anything.
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    Where to get wrought iron?

    Unless you SPECIFICALLY...FULLY.....TRUST the source, be VERY careful about buying anything labeled "wrought iron" sight unseen. It is likely one of the most fraudulent things sold when it comes to blacksmithing/forging/metals. As far as I know, there is only ONE modern source of actual...
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    New Videos Available at KnifeMakerTraining!

    New Videos now Available at KnifeMakerTraining! Tim just uploaded 2 new videos! How and why to use Glass on your grinder's flat platen, and "Drilling Theory"..... if you break bits, get oval holes, or have other drilling need to watch this video! Both available at...
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Next steps...... forge those billets into this....... And then into a bucket of vinegar for a day or two to eat away the scale....
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    Hoping it works out..... BIG damascus for a Blade Show project

    Next...... going into a bucket of white vinegar (well not as white as it once was) for a couple of days to chew out the scale....... more to come
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    Hoping it works out..... BIG damascus for a Blade Show project

    Next Step...... After building a new set to dies for Orange Crush (my press) here's the next step for the billets.... Yesterday and today pretty much did me in..... I'm gona go lay on the couch for the afternoon. :)
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    Pipe Threader turned Twister

    I am SO BLESSED!! My Pal Steve Kelly GAVE me this pipe threader, when he decided to no longer forge, and get deeper into his parts business ( I had no idea these things were that valuable! I'm still waiting of a friend (who is an electrician) to get back here with the...