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    A little throwback was good for me...

    That's awesome Chris!! Don't be surprised when the kids starts giving you a little "hero worship" :) AMEN to that!! The reason we have a country full of such young knuckleheads, is because people are all too willing to be a "father" or a "mother"..... with never any intention of being a...
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    52100 HT?

    PM sent
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    Probe Placment

    OK! Thanks for the pic....that makes it easy! On that type of thermocouple, that round ceramic bead on the end....has to be totally exposed on the interior of the forge/lining. The toughest part with that kind is getting the +/- wires in the right places....but then again....if it...
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    Probe Placment

    Just in case.... do not use a probe "well" in a forge application..... depending on the well material, it results in wildly inaccurate readings. OK, that being said, and assuming it's a type "K" thermocouple, the working components are in the first 3/4-1".... so that all you need protruding...
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    Probe Placment

    I've found that I get the most accurate reading with the probe in the back.... in the case of that forge (If I'm viewing it correctly), I'd place it at about 3 o'clock position a couple inches forward of the back end. For what it's worth to you........ Not sure what size burners you're...
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    another old anvil find....

    Nothing sexier then the lines of a well made English/London pattern anvil!
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    Next step up from Dremel?

    When I graduated from dremel tools, I went to air grinders. For heavy grinding/sanding, I use straight or angled air die grinders, and for finer work I use a Harbor Freight "pencil" air grinder, and for fine/detail such as carving and texturing of handles, I use a GRS 850 rotary tool. That...
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    VFD/Motor Questions

    Whew! 40-50'? I've never made/used an extension that long for 220V..... but I can tell you that with 120V at 50', your voltage will drop about 3.5%. I would err on the side of heavier, and recommend at least 10 gauge and would prefer 8 gauge, which will be pricey. I can tell you that a...
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    Angle Peen Forging Hammers

    I have a few Angle Peen forging hammers available! You can get all the details here: Email or PM me if your interested!
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    Graphite spray...

    I can't add much to the graphite spray conversation, except to say that the results/lack of clean up work required is very similar to salt tank heat treating..... and is one big reason I really like the salt tank.
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    Twisted Damascus Question

    There's several ways to skin that cat. The least waste of material is to forge it round, twist, then forge flat.....being VERY cautious about doing so at welding heat. If you try to move too much material, and let the heat go too cool..... that's when the cold shuts happen..... and they happen...
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    Thoughts on handle designs.

    Whatever the details, knife handles SHOULD, first and foremost, be designed to fit the human hand....and not just in one way of gripping it, but in every way you can image. To that end, here are what I consider "hard and fast" rules of knife handles, and the reason(s)..... First, look at the...
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    Champion No. 1 Power Hammer

    I've worked on a number of them over the years, and have rebuilt/sold exactly ONE. Personally, versus a Little Giant, I didn't care for thee Champion hammers. In my experience they are a nightmare to adjust...meaning that you can never seem to get them adjusted correctly. The thing that...
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    A quick reference for steel selection

    First off, pretty darn ingenious of you. It's worth taking the time to fill out for that alone! :) OK, below is my input. What I do need to make known is that the steels are listed in order of preference, as viewed from the standpoint of I IF WERE MAKING THE KNIFE FOR MYSELF. Sometimes...
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Was in the Hot shop this morning, and had to use the grinder....... got there and realized that there just wasn't enough light......change of plans! I scrounged around and found an extra photo reflector that came with my light box photo setup..... welded a plate to the end of a "T" fence post...