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    Laugh if you want to.

    No laughing here! Anything that will "seal" a blade from oxygen will keep it from tarnishing/rusting. I've used a lot of Plasti-dip.... it's kinda icky to get off, but a good dose of acetone and some care will work. At least with can still sight down the blade/knife when...
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    Found a new favorite leather work knife!

    I know.... a "knifemaker" using a commercial knife?? I stumbled on these, and have been using the for leather/sheath work....and am really liking them! They use the same utility blades as any other utility knife....but a quick hit on the buffer every now and them makes the blade last a long...
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    Cutting Even Bevels

    I can't picture what you mean by "smily face". With plunge cuts, you ALWAYS start forward of where you want them to end up. How far forward depend on how good/lucky you are when getting them into a final location. I generally leave them 3/32" to 1/8" forward of where I want them to end...
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    New Disk grinder

    AND..... I saved myself some $$$ by learning how to wire two motors into a single VFD! There are some very specific rules that must be followed....such as the two (or with this method you could wire in as many as 4 motors) MUST BE THE EXACT SIZE/TYPE/CURRENT/AMP OF MOTOR. I wired two 3hp...
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    How do you protect your blade during construction?

    I only "protect" my blades during specific times during construction......and when absolutely necessary, the whatever is on the blade comes off. Why? Time and again I've seen people who tape up their blades right after finishing the blade, then go through finishing down the handle with...
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    Merry Christmas from The Caffrey's!

    Craig..... YOU BET! I've been doing better, and would really like to see you folks!! This week they are starting me on Benlysta infusions....... first one is this Friday at 8am (they say it'll take 2-3 hours), then a second on the 30th. They call those "loading doses", and it should be...
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    Finishing G10

    I learned a long time ago..... never buy handle material sight unseen! It's a recipe for disappointment at best, and being ripped off at worst. I generally do not buy from any source that represents themselves at "knife" related.....why? To be clear, I am speaking of those sources who...
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    Teak Oil

    Sorry I didn't see this sooner. Teak oil is a finish that is more for "beauty" then durability. It's often used on fine furniture and other items that will not see exposure to the elements or otherwise require durability. Of the "oil" type finishes, I would suggest Danish Oil, or my...
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    Finishing G10

    I run about a 50/50 mix in my cabinet of 70 grit aluminum oxide (harbor freight sells it) and medium glass beads. (not sure if it's the same thing, but harbor freight also sells "80 grit glass beads" For most jobs like what you're doing, medium or coarse glass beads are a good choice. The...
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    Finishing G10

    I bead blast G10, then put a single coat of Tru-oil on it. In this case I would tape off everything else, then blast the bolsters. If you don't have a blast cabinet, then just carefully clean with acetone, being careful to not get any on the other handle materials, the, a single coat of...
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    Merry Christmas from The Caffrey's!

    Just finished putting up a Christmas page on my contains a few of the things I really like, and some that are very sentimental to me. Follow the link below to view our Christmas page. Merry Christmas, and God Bless from Cindy and I!!
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    For Sale - Tools New Angle Peen Hammers Available!

    One is sold...... two still available!!
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    For Sale - Tools New Angle Peen Hammers Available!

    I'd encourage anyone to give it a try. I was very skeptical when Wayne showed/told me about it.....but because it was coming from a legend like Wayne Goddard.... I tried it, and within a month, EVERY hammer handle in the shop was split. :)
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    Filet Knife Steel Choice

    OH, there's no doubt what so ever that it's me! There is likely some "little" thing along the way that I'm either just missing, or not doing "right"..... I'll keep chipping away, and maybe get it one of these days. Always up for this is just one more of those. THANKS!!!
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    Band saw cutting issue?

    I gotta ask the question..... why are you even taking the chance of buying that stuff, when for just a few more dollars you can get a full 48" bar from New Jersey Steel Baron, and be assured it is the best quality 1095 you can get?? My guess is that you just became another victim of the "bait...