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  • Hello Ed,

    Sorry to bother you but I would certainly appreciate your comments and thoughts on my forge build if you have the time.

    Hope all is well with you and yours!

    Joe Cross
    hello mister Caffrey i would like to ask if you could show we a sight ore a place to have a way to fil some worm holes and cracks in wood with out ALUMITE ?
    im a renter theirs little space for pumps ans vacuums thank, you as always for all your previous help
    graveyard just a mutt
    Hey Ed I am sure you go through a lot of drill bits have you tried any of those shapeners for bits? And wat are your thoughts on a mill that go"s on a drill press? I wasn't looking to due fancy work with it only groves in the blades.Thanx Rick
    Since you have had a little time to figure this electro etching out, is there a step by step instruction process for getting a good etch? I built my etcher, got my stencils from Ernie, now am not sure exactly how the process goes. Turkeyshooter
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