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    Bumped some photos of some survival knives I made
    I tried to send an invite splitshot. It said there was no user by that name. Dont forget to join up.
    Just click you want to join lanyard tyers and your in thats it. If you have any pics of anything you have made with paracord let us see it . I just added some pictures of some of my stuff. Thanks Kevin

    When I tried to post it I got the message that I did not have permission to post. I assume it is because you had locked down the thread. I think that the guys saw your point and were trying to comply with your request. As I said above, I think that a lot of the intent of KDs was expressed there and it would be a good idea to put it back up. Maybe it could be edited some if necessary. Though it got to where there was criticism there all in all it encouraged the exchange of information.
    I think that I am beginning to repeat myself so I will just quit now.
    Anyway, thanks again.
    James, I tried to do this post:
    "I agree with James, we don't need to be bashing someone else....but patting ourselves on the back is good. There are a lot of good thoughts on this thread and hopefully it will encourage new members, new knife makers, the old guys and the ones that have information that they have been reluctant to share.
    Thanks guys for your input and thanks James for your leadership and forethought."

    I was just told that my message was to long so it is broken into two messages.
    hey man,
    glad you got your body repaired. been there done that.
    i'm a North Mudzoory boy.
    i have pals down your way in Diamond.
    all good
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